The challenge to tell such stories lies within finding them in the vast amounts of data being generated from all around us.

Industries and manufacturers are major sources of such data by themselves. Every machine used in an organization’s production tells a story of its own. Capturing, understating, and translating these stories to useful insights are our main goals at DAIN².

We started by exploring the currently available solutions to understand why such a challenge still exists. The two main barriers with what is currently available is the high cost and complexity to integrate. Our goal was to create a single easy-to-implement platform to offer all the necessary functionalities at an affordable cost for every industry or business that generates data.


DAIN² provides a solution that collects, visualizes and understands data. We apply state-of-the art artificial intelligence algorithms to detect anomalies in your operations and predict failures; we then notify you instantly. This solution ultimately reduces your operation and maintenance costs and optimizes your production process.


Our team at DAIN² has been part of the tech industry and research for the past 15 years. Our work is focused on collaborating with industries to apply state-of-the-art research to their real-life problems and turning the theory into application. Our team has partnered with leading companies in the tech and manufacturing fields and worked closely with top North American universities to tackle challenges in communications, data analytics, optimization and software engineering.

We have realized the importance of data and how most of this data is typically left out stored but never processed to extract its full potential. Hence, we have decided to simplify the idea of handling these vast amounts of data by creating an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement tool that allows any industry or business to unlock the full potential of their own data.

We started DAIN² from our hometown in London, Ontario, Canada. Our city is known for its manufacturing and we have received a substantial amount of support and acknowledgement from the industry around us. This has positioned us well to achieve our mission of enabling every business to optimize their operations and maximize their productivity by simply unlocking what they already have: their own data.


With DAIN², we aim to equip every business with a tool that unleashes the potential of their data and seamlessly allows them to benefit from the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and data analytics algorithms. We are certain this will lead to optimizing processes and maximizing productivity.

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