Collect, monitor, and visualize the state/performance of client assets in real-time metrics and the corresponding KPIs.

Improve the operating efficiency and make real-time adjustments by providing clients with a comprehensive view of what takes place at every point in the operation process.

Automate and simplify the connected operational intelligence of the client’s assets/devices to maximize performance and agility.

Real-time adaptation to clients’ needs through the reconfigurable service function chain plans.

Maximize the value at every stage/time of the execution process using the agile service function chain plan that carries the business strategy and objectives.

Extract insights in real-time from the clients’ data using optimized data analytics/machine learning techniques.

Significantly reduce capital and operational expenditures using DAIN²’s predictive maintenance module.


While industries and businesses strive to monitor and control their processes, they generate large amounts of data, but the challenge here lies in collecting and storing this data. DAIN² provides a data collection module that:

Handles data from the I/O tags and sensor readings up to the data’s secure storage.

Is compatible with MQTT and HTTP protocols.

Communicates with your system to securely collect and store data.

With DAIN²’s data collection module, you have options. You can migrate all data to the cloud, ensure up to three nines of availability, and access it from any device, anytime, anywhere. You can also get our on-premise module to ensure in-house management of your data.


Our platform is compatible with many setups and can be customized to fit yours as well. This includes interconnected sensors, IoT networks, historians, PLCs and SCADA systems. We provide easy and worry-free configuration and integration of DAIN²’s module with your current data acquisition systems (i.e. SCADA) without replacing any of your implemented technologies.


To easily manage and understand your data, reports, alerts and insights, our platform provides dashboards that can be customized to display and control your process. We customize our dashboards to reflect the nature of your industry or business, best fit your objectives and conveniently display your data.


To ensure the privacy of your data, different dashboards can be assigned to specific groups of employees, where each dashboard displays the information that complies with their tasks. Our dashboards are designed as plug-and-play architecture. Plug in our module to any screen, and it will immediately authenticate and display the desired dashboard with the defined access control.


The dashboards are designed to track and visualize your process in real-time.


Our team is aware of the swift changes in the needs of any business process. That is why you have the freedom to choose what and how you want to visualize your data with the use of different illustrative manners. Our platform can provide all necessary customization to allow your team to effectively monitor and interpret your data. The dashboards are always available from any device, anytime anywhere.


Data management is one of our core services at DAIN². We offer complete data governance to manage your collected and stored data.

Our architecture is designed to optimize storage, maximize access speed, and ensure high availability. By applying state-of-the-art algorithms, we allow you to maintain and access your data in a secure environment through our user-friendly interface. This interface allows you to monitor the overview of your data streams, generate reports and manage your local or cloud servers instantly.


Our management tools prioritize the security and privacy of your data and give you the ability to manage access to different clusters of your data. In other words, our platform is essentially designed to capture your workplace structure and hierarchy. If you are a manufacturing site, you do not have to overwhelm your technicians. You can give access to your technicians so they can view corresponding machines and sensor readings while visualizing them through a specific designated dashboard.

You can also provide your managerial team with a generic overview of your current system: Grant them access to all the sensors and additional functionalities and insights about the stored data through their own dashboard.


The value of data can only be realized when insights are extracted. DAIN² unlocks the potential of your data by executing advanced data analytics algorithms that extract operational patterns, machine behaviors and performance metrics. This allows you to optimize and shape your operational process, marketing strategies and more.

We perform continuous monitoring and analysis to your data:

Generate alarms and send your team alerts of future failures and sudden changes in process behaviour.

Detect anomalies and unusual patterns in your process.

Our data analytics module is designed to help you answer the following questions to reshape your performance:

How is a specific machine performing over time?

What are the trends in your data?

What is the predicted life span of a component?

What is the time-to-failure or run-to-failure rate?

What are the relationships in your data?

What are the main causes of your machine breakdowns?

What are asset lifetimes and their correlations with each other?

Are machine performance, degradation and failures related?


One of the key enablers DAIN² provides through its platform is giving industries and business the power of AI without the need for any complex set-ups or advanced knowledge in the field. The platform deploys state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms on real-time and historical data and generates reports about the states of each machine. Our intelligence engine highlights key events in the machines’ life, helps predict failures, tunes configurations, and suggests maintenance cycles. These models ultimately work towards optimizing your operational process and reducing your cost.


With the user-friendly interface of our tool, you can bring AI to your business model without worrying about the underlying complicated configurations. Our algorithms can be immediately integrated into your system with no advanced training to your managerial team and technical staff.

A key focus of our AI engine is the predictive maintenance module.

Our module takes the technical and structural challenges in your manufacturing site and translates them into elements of business. It brings the power of machine learning into your process to handle the large amounts of sensor readings and tags. Our module will not only detect failures and predict anomalies before they paralyze your process; it will also save on your team’s time & energy and your operation’s CAPEX & OPEX.


There is more! The data that is collected, stored, and managed in our platform will be gathered for future optimization of your process and its performance. Here our intelligence will kick-in to self-learn, self-diagnose, and self-heal your system and manage your machines and business workflows. With our engine, the possibilities are endless, and together we will handle your business operations with ease!


At DAIN2, our team utilizes their skills and expertise to provide consultancy on your data streams. Using a cost-effective solution, we help you transform your business into a data-driven company. We identify your challenges and data nature while discovering potential short and long-term strategic plans for handling your data.

Our consulting services will include a road map that:

Comprehends your business requirements and runs your data initiatives accordingly.

Proposes conceptual measurements and architecture design to safeguard your data and assist in choosing the technology stack that goes along with your system.

Provides continuous, proactive and technical support to encompass your data handling solutions and meet your business changes and needs.

Works closely with your team and guides your business models to stay ahead of your competitors, with a small investment.

We are keen to be your data consultancy partner and look forward to helping you build effective models to handle challenges in your business.

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