The petroleum industry is a critical contributor to the state of the economy for many regions around the world.


The global processes of this industry include the exploration, extraction, refining, and transporting of petroleum products, each of which requires and generates vast amounts of data that can be managed and analyzed to optimize their efficiency.


To manage such a large-scale industry, manufacturers need to keep track of many sites. Manufacturers also need to monitor, control and visualize their data. With our platform, this process is simplified. All these different aspects can be managed easily and conveniently. The privacy and security of data is our top priority. Data is protected with our access control mechanisms that allow you to authenticate and give access based on your assets, employee groups, visualization dashboards, and/or generated reports.

Through our platform, you can track and monitor the status of the on-site machinery continuously. The monitored data can be saved to the cloud and used to train our machine learning models to detect anomalies, or predict any failures that may occur in the machines. In addition, our platform is capable of tracking and managing the collected sensory data during the exploration and extraction processes, allowing you to monitor everything conveniently and in real-time.


In 2018, more than 95 million motor vehicles have been produced.

With such immense contribution to manufacturing in general, the automotive industry has grown significantly in the past decade. Factories have shifted rapidly to adapt to new technologies and consider their environmental impacts on nature. As a result, this poses a challenge in upgrading and customizing their monitoring systems to the changes in their processes. At DAIN², you can immediately monitor and manage all your data from one place. Our monitoring dashboards and user-friendly interface are highly customizable to adapt to your production process.

Considering the advanced machinery and assembly stations in motor vehicle factories, data is key to efficiently manage integrated systems. Our platform collects, cleans and analyzes your data to provide clear insights on the conditions of your production process, highlighting potential failures and suggesting actions towards optimizing your production. The goal is to ensure quality and significantly reduce your production costs by minimizing downtime and predicting maintenance cycles.


A major part of the construction industry is handling and dealing with raw materials.

Through our platform, you can monitor the production process of building materials and ensure their readiness for usage. You can easily monitor and visualize the state of the materials and collect data to detect impurities and measure the quality of composite materials being processed.


Reporting is an additional option. You can generate reports on the final product states and insights on the entire process. Our platform enables you to highlight significant events that require attention and helps you in enhancing your process continuously. With our predictive models, you can obtain real-time insights on the quality of the material, and you can also predict the quality of future batches.


We also provide suggestions on how to tune the process to enhance the quality and production rate while optimizing your maintenance schedule to avoid unnecessary maintenance cycles. This leads to overall cost reduction, increased production rate and optimized efficiency.


Our asset management, data visualization, data analytics, data consultancy, and AI tools are modular and generic enough to work closely with many industries and business sectors. This unlocks the full potential of your collected data.


No matter what area of business you excel in, DAIN² can be easily integrated and seamlessly used to optimize your process towards data-driven business models, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and anticipated marketing strategies.

Some of our key areas include:

Food and beverage processing

Utility industry

Health care


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